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Who is Flymn's ?

The soul of an artist, should it be full of life, needs not to be supported by rational thinking and theories. It always finds by itself something to say.         - Concerning The Spiritual in Art     ( 1 9 1 1 )     Wassily Kandinsky -


Flymn's was born in March 1961.
She is a outsider, self-taught, artist who grew up in the Paris region.

Interested by drawing since her early childhood she naturally oriented her studies towards a computer graphic designer course.

Artistically speaking, it is in 2014 that Flymn’s started expressing herself completely. This came after the construction of her workshop, a magical place where she is in communion with elements that inspire her to create permanently.
Her preferences go to the use of acrylic paints and mixed art technics.

Thank you Flymn's for all these tender spontaneous creations, that hang between lyrical abstraction, geometrical abstraction and the so called decorative abstraction.

It feels good to let go and feel one’s emotions aroused by the simple contemplation of these abstract paintings ; a space of liberty, where it is possible to roam with no particular direction.

- Anonymous -


Flymn's remercie tout particulièrement ses traducteurs préférés :

★   Inka et Steph KIDZUGA pour les versions en Allemand et en Anglais,
★   Teresa BERROA MUÑOZ et Yanick MILLET pour la version en Espagnol.

Encore merci à eux !

Sylvie GOSSET - Flymns


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